Top Selling Low Carb Tortillas!

Mama Lupe Tortillas

Order Mama Lupe TortillasCraving Mexican but not the carbs? You’ll find a recipe roundup of 30 certified low-carb delicious Mexican dishes on our sister site, but what do you do in lieu of high-carb tortillas? Mama Lupe’s low carb tortillas are one of the best selling foods on the Netrition website for a reason!  I hear testimonials time and time again that they are everyone’s favorite!

One of those reasons is that they have HALF of the net carbs of most other (6 net carb) low-carb tortillas sold in the grocery store! Another  is that Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas are delicious. Unlike other low carb tortillas, Mama Lupe’s taste just like regular restaurant tortillas.

Use Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas to make a low carb snack or meal. Make a breakfast burrito or replace bread in your favorite sandwich. Make honest to goodness enchiladas!  However you use Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas, you are sure to enjoy them…so order yours today!