Enjoy a Low-Carb Pizza or Calzone!

I have heard people literally RAVE about this low-carb pizza and/or calzone mix on social media! You are going to find that if you don’t tell them that your friends and family won’t know you are serving them something that is low carb! At only 1 net carb plus toppings for a 4 to 5″ slice of pizza you cannot go wrong!

“If anyone hasn’t tried this do it! It costs a small fortune here in Australia but it’s the closest thing to real pizza!”

“It’s better than any low carb base I’ve made!”

“I could write about many of this company’s products and this is one of my favorites.  I made pizza using a double portion of this mix, pressed it into a cast iron skillet lightly oiled with olive oil, added organic pizza sauce, cheese and crumbled sausage.

Preheat oven to 425. Put the pan on top of the stove on medium high heat (yes, this part is scary but it works great!). This evenly heats the pan prior to oven placement. At the end of the 3 minutes, place into oven. After about 16 minutes I had a great pizza with a crispy crust, not too thin, not too thick.”

Enjoy pizza or make it into a calzone, wrapped around whatever mouthwatering low carb ingredients you’d like! This pizza/calzone mix makes the job simple and it’s a close as you are going to get to the real thing while maintaining low carb!

LC Foods Pizza and Calzone Mix is low carb, sugar free, high fiber and high protein. The biggest problem with pizza or calzones has been a good low carb crust, but now you have it with Pizza & Calzones Mix. This mix includes the LC-Sweet Blend that will rise your dough without sugar.

Enjoy a pizza with your favorite low carb toppings. Or wrap those low carb toppings with the dough and make an awesome calzone.

You will need olive oil, warm water, and yeast (instant, rapid rise or bread machine). Makes  three  8″ – 10″ Pizzas or 3 large calzones.

If you live in the USA Netrition offers $5.99 flat rate shipping no matter how much you buy so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like it does to ship it to Australia! But even then they find it worth the cost! If you prefer you can buy it directly from the LC Foods website too!  I normally add mine to my Netrition order to take advantage of the flat rate shipping but if you’re ordering from LC’s website you can get it there too.

So whether you make it into a pizza crust or fold it over to construct a calzone you are sure to love LC Foods Pizza & Calzone Mix! Be sure to add some to your next Netrition order and surprise your family with a low carb treat!  But shhhh!!! Don’t tell them it’s low carb! They never need to know!  As a matter of fact stick the bag inside another box to hide the packaging! LOL!  All they care about is that it tastes great so order some now!