Make Delicious Low Carb Baked Goods with Almond Flours

Almond Flours

When baking delicious low-carb treats almond flour is a natural choice.  There are some that I buy myself and recommend.

Order Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour/Meal NOW! The first being Bob’s Red Mill Almond meal/flour which is highly refined, finely milled with all of the outer skins totally removed in the milling process.  Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal / Flour is ground from whole, blanched sweet almonds. Almonds are notoriously healthy nuts providing a good amount of manganese and vitamin E, as well as a healthy serving of monounsaturated fats in each 1/4 cup serving. Not only do almonds have a healthy boost of protein, they are also very low in carbohydrates and inherently gluten free.

Replacing 25% of the flour in your baking with almond meal will add wonderful texture and flavor while reducing the total carbohydrates but there are lots of recipes on our sister site that use just almond flour so that your carbs are reduced even more.  This makes almond flour perfect for those following a low carbohydrate or paleo diet.

Almond meal is produced in Bob’s gluten free facility, making it an ideal addition to a gluten free diet. Use almond meal in place of bread crumbs in meatballs, or as a coating for chicken and fish.

Order NOW Almond MealThe other almond meal I use is from the brand NOW. It is not as highly refined nor finely milled and yes, it does have some of the skins ground into the mix. I use this type of almond flour when I am less concerned about a fine texture in my finished product. So muffins, etc are great with the NOW almond meal and I save a few dollars in the process.

NOW Natural Almond Flour is an unblanched, gluten-free flour that is an excellent low-carb substitute for other flours used in baking, either wholly or in part. This unique flour is not de-fatted, making it a good source of essential fatty acids that naturally occur in raw almonds.

With Almond Flour, you can add color, texture, richness and flavor to your baked goods as well as everyday meals.

I use them interchangeably and love the possibilities that each give the home baker. Whether you order the Bob’s Red Mill or the NOW Real Food almond flour you will be cutting carbs and turning out delicious baked goods!  So add it to your Netrition order today!